A Unique Program That Awakens The Body's Innate Self Healing Abilities


QEST is not a medical treatment, but an energetic restorative program that corrects and strengthens the energy body meridians throughout the body resetting and triggering it's self correcting abilities.

You can immediately feel the difference after your first session.  See the "Client Feedback" section to get an idea of what results others have experienced from this work.

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"I would give this work 10 stars if I was able to. I suffered from sciatica, and now I can walk and sleep without pain. I'm a believer."


"Just so you know, my bursitis is so much better. It is still there, but I can walk with out wincing in pain."


"I got so used to having constant pain in my shoulder, knee, and ankle that it became my new normal. After my sessions, no pain has become my new normal."


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