Meet Archna Mehta

Archna has over 38 years studying and working as a western and vedic astrologer. She is a remedial and solutions expert. This means, she looks at your chart to let you know why certain events are happening in your life, what things are blocking you receiving what you want, and how to shift the energy in your chart with remedies tailor made for you specifically.

Please note that the only restriction, is if you have Jupiter in the 2nd house, she cannot give you a reading or suggest remedies. This does not mean you are a bad person. It means in this life, you are to live without that intervention. If you receive that information anyway it does not turn out beneficial to you, and the consequences are equally bad for the reader. 

Below are descriptions of the types of sessions Archna currently offers. Click the book now button to schedule a session. Please note, that your session is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from Archna. 

Life Purpose/Passion Reading

Have you wondered what you are here to do or spent countless hours trying to decide what idea or project to focus on?  Discover what life purpose or profession is supported in your chart. This information gifts you with the greatest amount of money for the  least amount  of time and money. Empower yourself by working with the energies that support your naturally flowing abundance. (Booking button will be activated soon). 

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Relationships /Compatibility Reading

Have you wondered if someone you just met or have been married to for years is compatible with you? Would you be interested in remedies that could enhance harmony, intimacy, and joy in your relationship? Then this is the reading for you. 

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 Health Reading

 Did you know your chart reveals why you have certain health challenges and  which healing modalities resonate best with your body? If you are in pain or need healing, this is the session for you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, feel empowered to get well with this valuable information.  (Booking button will be activated soon). 

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Struggle Reading

Did you know your chart reveals how and why there is struggle in your life? This information is priceless in identifying what easy changes you can make to lessen struggle and increase empowerment in your life. 

This reading is great to pair with the Driver reading which shows you what changes amplifies the good energy in your chart. (Book Now button will be activated soon).

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Driver Reading

Did you know there are natural power points in your chart? These are aspects of your life that flow with ease and abundance. If you know what these points are, you can increase their power even more with very little effort. Empower yourself with this valuable information. (Booking Button will activate soon).

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